Thursday, 8 January 2015

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Vocabulary List

The following is a list of some basic excel spreadsheet vocabulary:

  • Spreadsheet - A Software program used to perform mathematical calculations and represent data in a graph.
  • Worksheet - Sheets of rows and columns that allows you to enter, analyze, and calculate data.
  • Workbook - A collection of related worksheets kept in a single file.
  • Sheet Tab - A tab that identifies a worksheet. It can be used to switch or open sheets in a workbook.
  • Row - horizontal references in a spreadsheet that are identified by numbers.
  • Column – vertical references in a spreadsheet that are identified by alphabetic letters
  • Cell - The intersection of a row and a column on a spreadsheet.
  • Cell Name - Column letter and row number used to identify a cell.
  • Active Cell - The cell that you are currently working in.
  • Range - a group of cells

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