Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How to Duplicate slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

One way to have similar slides in a presentation is to duplicate some of the slides, then modify the copies. To do this, see the following:

1. On the [View] tab, click on [Slide Sorter].

The slides will appear together in a single pane.

2. Select the slide that you want to copy. A yellow outline will appear around it, indicating that it was selected.
3. To select more than one slide, hold down [Ctrl] and click on the other slides that you want to copy.
4. On the [Home] tab, click [Copy].
5. Click to the right of the last slide in the pane. A flashing vertical line will appear.
6. On the [Home] tab, click [Paste]. The copied slides will appear at the end.
7. To put the slides in order, do the following:
  • Click on one of the copied slide.
  • On the [Home] tab, open the [New Slide button's drop-down list].
  • Click [Duplicate Selected Slides]. The copied slide will appear directly beside the original slide.