Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How to Rotate or Reposition data in Microsoft Excel 2010

You can reposition the data in a cell for a better representation of the data on your worksheet. This can be done by changing the alignment of the cell contents, using indentation for better spacing, or displaying the data at a different angle by rotating it.

1. Select the cell or range of cells that contains the data that you want to reposition.
2. On the [Home] tab, in the [Alignment] group, do the following:

  •  To change the vertical alignment of cell contents, select one  
       Top Align, Middle Align, and Bottom Align respectively.

  • To change the horizontal alignment of cell contents, select one    
     Align Text Left , Center, and Align Text Right Respectively
  •  To change the indentation of cell contents, use     to increase or decrease indent.
  •  To rotate the cell contents, click [Orientation]  Button image  and then select the rotation option that you want.
  • To wrap the text in a cell, click [Wrap Text]  
  • To center or align data that spans several columns or rows, click Merge and Center Button image
  • To use additional text alignment options, click the [Dialog Box Launcher] next to [Alignment], and then on the [Alignment] tab of the [Format Cells] dialog box, select the options that you want as shown below: