Friday, 23 May 2014

Adding Date, Slide Numbers, and Footer in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Adding a date, footer, and slide numbers can help you organize slides. You can apply these to several slides at once.

1. On the [Insert] tab, in the [Text] group, click on [Header & Footer].
The Header and Footer dialog box appears as shown below:

2. Select the [Date and time] check box. Then select [Update automatically] or [Fixed] for the date that you want to add to your slides.
3. Select the [Slide number] check box.
4. Select the [Footer] check box.
5. In the text box below, type your text that you want to appear on the slides.
6. Select the [Don't show on title slide] check box.
7. Click [Apply to All] to apply the date, slide number and footer to all slides except the title slide.