Friday, 4 April 2014

How to set AutoFit Behavior in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

By default, text in the placeholder boxes on a slide layout is set to AutoFit. This means if you type more than can fit in the text box, then the text automatically gets smaller so that it can fit into the placeholder. To change the AutoFit setting for a text box or placeholder, do the following:

Click the AutoFit icon located at the lower-left corner of the text box.
The diagram below will be displayed.

Option 1:
Click [Stop Fitting Text to This Placeholder]. The text should return to its default size and overflow the button of the text box.

Option 2:
1. Click on [Control AutoCorrect Options]. The AutoCorrect dialog box will be displayed, see below.
2. On [AutoFormat As You Type] tab, under [Apply as you type], clear the check boxes for
[AutoFit title text to placeholder] and [AutoFit body text to placeholder].