Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to create a Table in Microsoft Word 2010

In Word 2010 tables can be created using four methods:
Dragging Method, Insert Table Dialog Box, Draw Table, and Quick Table.
To access all methods, do the following steps:
On the [Insert] tab, in the [Tables] group, click on the [Table] button.

1. Dragging method:
- Drag the mouse pointer to select the number of row and columns for your table as shown below:

2. Insert Table Dialog Box:
-  Select the number of columns and rows for your table and use the [AutoFit behavior] options to adjust the table’s size.

3. Draw Table
- Click on the blinking insertion point. Draw a rectangle to make the table’s borders. Then draw lines for columns and row inside the rectangle. To erase a line, click the [Table Tools Design] tab, click [Eraser], and then click the line that you want to erase.

4. Quick Table
-  Select your option from the Built-In list displayed below: