Monday, 3 February 2014

Using the Help Button in Microsoft Word 2010

How to use the Help button in Microsoft Word.
There are two ways of accessing Help, they are as follows:
  • Offline - The Help features are installed and available on your computer.
  • Online - Using Microsoft's online Help features. You will have to be connected to the Internet to use this feature.
Note. The Connection Status menu will determine if you are offline or online. This is located in the lower-right corner of the screen. 
1. Click the Help button [blue question sign] in the upper-right corner of the screen.
 The offline Word Help screen will be displayed as shown below :


2. To enable online Word Help, click the connection status button.
3. Click [Show content from].
The online Word Help screen will be displayed as shown below:


4. For both offline and online options the following buttons will appear:

a. Type key words in the text box, click [Search] or press [Enter]. A list of related topics will appear.
b. Click on the back arrow to go back.
c. Click on the forward arrow to go forward.
d. Use the stop button to stop loading the current information.
e. Use the refresh button to refresh the current information.
f. The home button takes you back to the Word Help screen.
g. The print button allows you to print.
h. The font button allows you to change the size of the font.
i. The book represents the [Table of Contents]. You can show or hide it by clicking on the button.
j. The pin gives you the option to [Keep on top] or [Not on top].