Thursday, 27 February 2014

Creating an Appointment from a Task in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Tasks can be created and set as appointments in Outlook 2010.

1. Click the [Calendar] button in the Navigation Pane from the [Home] tab.
2. Click the [Month] button.
3. Click the [View] tab, then click [Normal] at the [To-Do Bar] drop-down list.

4. Click the [Type a new task] text box and enter information, then press [Enter].
5. Select day from the [Task List] tab.

6. Click and drag the task you created onto the date you selected on the calendar.
7. Double-click the task item in the calendar. A window showing your task information should be displayed, see an example below:


8. Clear the [All day event] check box, then select Start time and End time for the task.
9. Click the [Save & Close] button in the [Actions] group.
The appointment created will be displayed on the calendar.