Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to Access Your Word Documents Using A Web Browser

Microsoft allow users to upload and sync documents, workbooks, or any Microsoft Office files to a cloud storage they have called SKYDRIVE; enabling them to access their files on any web browser (including mobiles and tablets).

1. Sign-up at to create an account (or users may use their hotmail or live username and password).
2. Login with your user name and password at
3. Click on [Files] link on the left hand side navigation pane to choose a folder to save document (file) in
4. To create a new folder click on [Create] link at the top bar and name the new folder
5. Once you are inside a folder, click the [upload] link located at the top bar, and select the document (file) you would like to upload.
6. Click [Done] to complete the upload process.

Now the uploaded document (file) is on SKYDRIVE and is accessible from any web browser.